Preparing For the Super Bowl

Hey guys. So as we all know the Super Bowl is about two months away. If you’re like me you have already started planning and figuring out who to invite and what awesome snacks to have. I know Christmas isn’t even here yet but i mean common its the Super Bowl right? I promise i wont forget to get my kids presents! Anyways I wanted to give every one some tips and ways to amp up your party.

Tip #1- You can pick up some astro turf at a hardware store and cut circles out of it to make coasters that look like a field.

Tip #2- You can buy contact chalkboard paper to make a table runner and then draw yard lines to make it look like a football field.

Tip#3- Have beer that reflects the teams names, hometown, or mascot. For example Tiger beer, Bison Brewing, The Raven.

Tip#4- Have some type of carpet cleaner handy. Last year my wife spilled Big Red on the carpet and we had to call Owensboro carpet cleaners to get it out.


You can use these and more. Check this site out.

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