Baseball and a broken window

Since it was nice the other day instead of freezing cold a few of my sons friends came over. Theyre in there pre-teens so they are super energetic and wont just sit and read a book or something. Anyways i told them to go outside and play a game or something. They chose to play baseball, which is fine two of them are on the middle school team. Well it was all okay until i heard glass shatter. I immediately knew what had happened. I looked out the window and there were no boys out there just a bat on the ground. I had to laugh to myself. I wasnt mad i have a buddy that owns Louisville Window Depot and could replace it at a good price. But i had to act mad to play with them right! I should have got it on video so i could post it here. You should have seen their faces. I picked up a branch from the ground and was screaming while smacking it on the ground. I dont know if some of those kid will come back. I just thought i should share this funny moment in life.

Sporting Event in Louisville To Attend

There are many opportunities to go and watch a cool sporting event in Louisville. We have the Louisville Bats, the University of Louisville Cardinals football, basketball, baseball and much more. Louisville also hosts an Iron Man which is pretty cool to watch at least one. Not to mention the Kentucky Derby and all the other horse races that happen during the year.

Louisville Bats- Now the Bats arent Pro MLB players but its still a really fun time to go watch them play at the Louisville Slugger field. TIcket Prices are very reasonable and they usually have cool promotions going on like $1 beer. They also have a playground and all the kids get to go on the field at the end of the game. You could go visit the Louisville Slugger Museum and then go to a game for an awesome baseball day!

University of Louisville- There are tons of options with games to see the Cardinals. Baseball games are free to see on Tuesdays. Its always a big game night when a big team comes to play basketball. If you can afford it tickets to a UofL vs. UK game would be awesome. Cardinals football games are usually reasonably priced and are fun to go to as well.

Iron Man- Louisville will be hosting the triathlon on October 9th this year. If you want to participate i think you still have enough time to train. If you are doing it be my guest ill be on the sidelines cheering you on. It would be cool to go and watch some of it.

Kentucky Derby- Ive already posted about this so go and read it.

There are many other sporting events throughout the year and google is the best place to find them. My favorite is the Bats games. There fairly priced and fun to watch!