Baseball and a broken window

Since it was nice the other day instead of freezing cold a few of my sons friends came over. Theyre in there pre-teens so they are super energetic and wont just sit and read a book or something. Anyways i told them to go outside and play a game or something. They chose to play baseball, which is fine two of them are on the middle school team. Well it was all okay until i heard glass shatter. I immediately knew what had happened. I looked out the window and there were no boys out there just a bat on the ground. I had to laugh to myself. I wasnt mad i have a buddy that owns Louisville Window Depot and could replace it at a good price. But i had to act mad to play with them right! I should have got it on video so i could post it here. You should have seen their faces. I picked up a branch from the ground and was screaming while smacking it on the ground. I dont know if some of those kid will come back. I just thought i should share this funny moment in life.